Bowers Mtn Project
The Application Files
Why Oppose It?
Scope of the Project
Economic Impact
Scenic Impact
Property Values

Scope of the Project

  Champlain Wind LLC (First Wind)
Permitting Authority
  Maine Department of Environmental Protection,
Patricia Aho, Commissioner

  16 turbines, Vestas V112-3.0 MW
Turbine Height
  459' to tip of extended blade
Permanent MET Towers
  One 90 meter (295') tall lighted tower.
Project Location
  Turbines will be in Carroll Plt and Kossuth Twp. south of Rt 6. The transmission line will cross Rte 6 and run north to a substation on the Carroll/Prentiss line.
  Champlain Wind has leased 6,140 acres of land from Bowers Mtn LLC of Maryland, Lakeville Shores, Inc. (H.C.Haynes) and Baskahegan Company) in Carroll Plt and Kossuth Plt.


According to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) decision dated March 18, 2010 granting First Wind a waiver, First Wind Holdings is developing a multiple-phase wind generating project located in Washington and Penobscot Counties. Collectively known as The Maine Wind Project, it consists of the following four projects:
Stetson I (57 MW nameplate capacity)
Stetson II (25.5 MW nameplate capacity)
Rollins Mtn (60 MW nameplate capacity)
planned: Bowers Mtn (48 MW / 69.1 MW nameplate capacity)*

*  The original Bowers plan, the one rejected unanimously by LURC in 2012, was for 69.1MW. The second Bowers plan, the one being decided by DEP is only 48MW.  On September 22, 2010, after Neil Kiely of First Wind petitioned LURC to add Kossuth Twp. to the expedited wind permitting zone, he testified that the 69.1MW was need to fill the remaining capacity in First Wind's Transmission Line 56. LURC asked him if the project could possibly go ahead without the turbines planned for Kossuth. He replied that in order to justify the expense of building Line 56, First Wind needed to max out its capacity by building 69.1 MW). This suggests that after receiving a permit to build the smaller 48MW Bowers project, First Wind will ask DEP to amend the permit, allowing them to add seven more 3MW turbines to bring the total up to 69MW. This is exactly the tactic First Wind used successfully for their Stetson project, Oakfield project and Bull Hill project.