Important Articles about Wind Energy

Given the media's significant pro-wind bias, please take the time to read the public comments that follow most articles. Click on the title to view the article.

04/19/16As local coverage wanes, residents become self-taught watchdogs Columbia Journalism Review
04/15/16SunEdison Enters Bankruptcy Loan Negotiations With Lenders Bloomberg
02/10/16 The Charade of Industrial Wind The Times Record
02/10/16 Meet a Water Trail: Downeast Lakes, Maine
Peace, solitude and great fishing in eastern Maine
Canoe & Kayak
12/04/15 Maine court interprets wind energy law Preti Flaherty Press Release
12/04/15 Maine Supreme Court rules against proposed wind project The Washington (DC) Times
12/04/15 Maine Supreme Court's ruling puts an end to proposed $100M Bowers Mountain wind project Daily Journal
12/03/15 Maine’s top court upholds denial of Bowers Wind project Bangor Daily News
12/03/15 Maine’s high court rejects Bowers Mountain wind power project
The project in Penobscot County was first proposed six years ago, but never won regulators' approval – a decision affirmed Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.
Portland Press Herald
11/18/15 SunEdison Inc Faces Legal Action After Debt Reclassification
SunEdison and its executives face legal action over potential violations of federal securities laws, after it subtly reclassified $700 million of its debt
Bidness Etc
11/13/15 SunEdison's Big Slide: When Financial Engineering Goes Wrong Forbes
11/11/15 SUNE Stock: Has SunEdison, Inc. Bottomed? Not Likely Profit Confidential
10/28/15 State (of VT) Says (First Wind's) Sheffield Wind Towers Might Be Violating Noise Standard VT Public Broadcasting Network
10/05/15 SunEdison to layoff workers following spending spree & stock slump Fortune
09/23/15 Do Wind Turbines Lower Property Values? Forbes
09/15/15 What New England’s foolhardy, clean energy policy looks like Bangior Dauily News
05/28/15 States Backing Away from Renewable Power Mandates Heartland
10/01/14 Wind worries?: A decade after welcoming wind farms, states reconsider Enid News
08/24/15 SunEdison's House of Cards Is Starting to Crumble
Falling stock prices and rising interest rates are making SunEdison a tough bet for investors.
The Motley Fool
08/23/15 “Renewable” Energy – Powerful Words Make Us Do Stupid Things Bangor Daily News
06/26/15 Bill Gates: Renewable energy can't do the job. The Register (U.K.)
07/07/15 STUDY: Wind Farms Even More Expensive And Pointless Than You Thought Breitbart
07/03/15 Another reason to just say no Ellsworth American
03/18/15 White House Claims About Wind Power Are Implausible and Dangerous Real Clear Markets
03/30/15 Downeast photographer catches glimpse of golden eagle Bangor Daily News
03/17/15 Certainty Will Come by Eliminating Handouts for Ethanol and Wind The Daily Signal
03/14/15 Fossil Fuels Will Save the World (Really)
There are problems with oil, gas and coal, but their benefits for people—and the planet—are beyond dispute
Wall Street Journal
02/26/15 Firm vs. Intermittent Resourcing (primer on wind/solar power deficiency): Part I MasterResource
02/27/15 Firm vs. Intermittent Resourcing (primer on wind/solar power deficiency): Part II MasterResource
02/22/15 Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception
A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge
Stop These Things
01/27/15 Maine: The wind energy plantation — Part I The Times Record
01/07/15 LD 1750: A study in how special interests get their way in the Maine legislature The Pine Tree Watchdog
01/07/15 Sen. Alfond’s bill to help wind farm industry was written by developers Portland Press Herald
01/01/15 Two Big White House 'Green' Cronies Unite: First Wind scored over $700 million of stimulus funds, now being acquired by SunEdison The Green Corruption Files
12/28/14 Wind Farms Cause Property Value to TANK by FIFTY SIX PERCENT in Vermilion County Illinois Illinois Leaks
12/28/14 ‘This family was out of time’: Sheffield family resettled with help Vermont Today
12/18/14 What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change—Today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us. So what will? IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
12/12/14 Leveling the Playing Field The Ellsworth American
12/02/14 Congressman's response to Sierra Club and union's call to extend wind PTC The Hill
11/29/14 Wind Power Is Intermittent, But Subsidies Are Eternal
There is no need to extend a program that has cost U.S. taxpayers $7.3 billion over the past seven years.
The Wall Street Journal
11/29/14 Levelized Cost Of Electricity: Renewable Energy's Ticking Time Bomb? Forbes
11/18/14 SunEdison, TerraForm to buy First Wind for $2.4 billion Bangor Daily News
11/18/14 First Wind sale means end of $333 million partnership with Emera Bangor Daily News
11/12/14 Jimmy Fallon Makes the World's Best Argument Against Solar and Wind Energy Forbes
10/31/14 Gubernatorial Candidate Profile: Wind Power WABI TV5
10/20/14Bill Proposes Adding Wind Industry to 'Right to Farm' Act — House Bill 5886 would let wind turbines avoid zoning and building permits Michigan Capitol Confidential
10/28/14 First Wind’s investment from Emera appealed again to top court Bangor Daily News
10/31/14 Vote NO on Big Wind windAction
10/01/14 A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider The Denver Post
10/15/14 The Wind Energy Machine Bangor Metro
10/14/14 Big wind’s public relations problem Energize Vermont
10/17/14 Electricity Prices Soaring In Top Wind Power States FORBES
08/24/14 Victims of industrial wind Rutland (VT) Herald
08/18/14 Germany's sudden slowdown. Energy policy, reform roll-back contributing to uncertainty Reuters
08/14/14 House Republicans: End ‘harmful’ wind tax credit The Hill
07/26/14 Sun, wind and drain The Economist
07/15/14 Gov. Deval Patrick says Mass. clean energy bill 'hangs in the balance right now' (describes Mass plan to help First Wind build more projects in Maine to supply Mass) Boston Business Journal
06/21/14 First Wind sees setbacks in Maine The Boston Globe
06/14/14 Hawai'i wind player gets comeuppance in Maine Hawai'i Free Press
06/10/14 Maine Regulators Issue Third Strike Against First Wind Project North American Windpower
06/06/14 Find Wind Denied Wind Project in Maine for First Time Tom Remington
06/06/14 State Environmental Board rejects Bowers Mountain Project WCSH Portland
06/06/14 Citizen board upholds Maine DEP’s rejection of Bowers Mountain wind farm permit Bangor Daily News
05/27/14 (VT) Environmental advocacy groups respond to wind developer’s withdrawal of interconnection request VT Digger
04/22/14 Wind Industry Produces Little Energy, Lots Of Hot Air Investor's Business Daily
04/09/14 Wind Energy in Australia: Power at 3X the Price With Little or No Impact on Emissions YouTube: Richo & Jones
04/09/14 Maine Asks Wind Developer to Provide Financial Assurances MPBN
04/07/14 The wind blows against First Wind Ililani Media (Hawaii)
04/04/14 Clean Energy Isn't Clean Town
04/03/14 All Eyes Should be on the First Wind—PUC Affair The Maine Wire
04/02/14 With partnership in limbo, First Wind seeks to borrow $75 million Morning Sentinel
04/01/14 Rating Action: Moody's affirms First Wind Capital's B3 rating (speculative with high credit risk); changes outlook to stable from positive Moody's
03/26/14 First Wind Announces Consent Solicitation To The Holders Of Its 10.25% Senior Secured Notes Due 2018 First Wind Press Release
03/22/14 PUC ponders what’s next for multimillion-dollar wind deal vacated by court Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting
03/20/14 Veterans Affairs wind turbine, built for $2.3 million, stands dormant Fox News
03/19/14 Wind industry growth at stake in Maine talks on fate of joint venture — Court decision forces the PUC to review the legality of the Emera Inc.-First Wind partnership. Portland Press Herald
03/19/14 Voters in Washington County town approve wind power moratorium Bangor Daily News
03/11/14 Wind Power Tax Credit ‘Dead’ in Congress This Year Bloomberg News
03/12/14 House panel subpoenas Obama administration over wind farm eagle deaths Fox News
03/05/14 Court: Maine wind-power venture shouldn't have been OK'd — The First Wind case now goes back to the PUC, but its future is unclear. Portland Press Herald
03/04/14 Maine regulators ordered to re-examine deal between Emera, First Wind Associated Press
03/02/14 Wind farm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink — Plans to build wind farms in England and Scotland are being scrapped in the first sign that the Government's proposed cut to subsidies is taking effect The (UK) Telegraph
02/14/14 Debate on wind energy blows Downeast — Trescott, Whiting leases signed The Quoddy Tides
02/16/14 Proof wind turbines take thousands off your home — Value of houses within 1.2 miles of large wind farms slashed by 11%, study finds The Daily Mail
02/04/14 Spain plans end to all pre-2004 wind subsidies Wind Power Monthly
01/28/14 Is the Green Energy Bubble Finally Bursting? Manhattan Institute
01/27/14 Neighbor sues (First Wind) over noise from Sheffield wind turbines Burlington (VT) Free Press
01/27/14 NH needs a timeout on wind farm development NH Union Leader
01/27/14 NH Considering Moratorium on Wind Turbine Projects
01/24/14 Ohio Senate May Be Nearing Repeal of “Green” Energy Mandates MediaTrackers
01/23/14 Whistling Past the Wind Farm — Europe abandons country-by-country CO2 emissions targets. Wall Street Journal
01/18/14 Wind Energy Of No Use In The Pacific Northwest Forbes
01/20/14 Wind turbine rotor blades destined for landfill — blades are costly and difficult to recycle Scotland Sunday
01/18/14 Windmills, tourism, and transparency — George Smith's ongoing conflict-of-interest problems spark concern Columbia Journalism Review
01/16/14 Review of scientific literature found adverse health effects The Observer (Canada)
01/08/14 Testimony Against Industrial Wind Power (Kevon Martis before the Ohio Senate and House Public Utilities Committees) MasterResource
01/09/14 Birds, Blades and the Brutal Business of Clean Energy QUEST: The Science of Sustainability
01/07/14 China National Offshore Oil Corporation to shut renewables division Wind Power Monthly
01/06/14 The Post's View: Clean energy should do without special tax breaks The Washington Post
01/05/14 Let the wind subsidy blow away — Congress shouldn't renew corporate welfare to this politically favored industry The Chicago Tribune
01/03/14 Credits for wind power, energy efficiency and teaching supplies among 55 tax breaks that expired on Dec. 31 Bangor Daily News
12/16/13 Wind Power Unclothed: ‘Economics in One Lesson’ Applied Master Resource
12/09/13 ‘Green’ Energy Kills Eagles The National Review
12/25/13 Wind Power Developers Race Clock to Secure Subsidy The New York Times
12/23/13 Maine Wind Farms Stir Power Struggle The Wall Street Journal
12/20/13 WORST LIE OF 2013: That Wind Energy is Environmentally Friendly! (advance glider to 18:10) The McLaughlin Group (PBS)
12/17/13 Bipartisan Senate duo urge end to wind tax credit The Hill
12/12/13 Friends of Maine’s Mountains challenges Audubon’s wind-energy support The group says a recent pro-wind power report lacks scientific basis and is tainted by donor associations. Portland Press Herald
12/10/13 Big Wind wins protection from eagle-death prosecutions, but the production tax credit is still up in the air Hot Air
12/05/13 Ending the wind tax credit A mature industry no longer needs taxpayer support The Washington Times
11/24/13 Green Energy: The Rotary Dial Phone of the Future Town Hall Finance
11/24/13 Wind energy company pleads guilty in eagle deaths Maine Sunday Telegram
11/24/13 Judge orders limited use of Falmouth wind turbines The Daily Item (MA)
10/27/13 Town listers become next arbiter in Vermont's debate over wind Burlington (VT) Free Press
10/20/13 European Economic Stability Threatened By Renewable Energy Subsidies Forbes
10/21/13 Maybe First Wind should erect turbines in Mass. Kennebec Journal (LTE)
10/10/13 Fighting Climate Change by Killing Eagles Wall Street Journal
10/02/13 Couple win wind turbine ruling The Connexion (France)
10/03/13 Green ‘drivel’ exposed — The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria Toronto Sun
09/17/13 Studies Show Land-Based Wind Turbines Cause Property Values to Plummet; Wind Wise Massachusetts Claims Study Showing Otherwise is Misleading. Sacramento Bee
09/11/13 Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils The Telegraph (UK)
09/06/13 Germany's Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good — Germany's aggressive and reckless expansion of wind and solar power has come with a hefty pricetag for consumers Der Spiegel
09/04/13 First Wind appeals Department of Environmental Protection’s rejection of Bowers Mountain project (Note: This article contains numerous errors of fact) Bangor Daily News
08/11/13 Connection is wind power’s challenge Associated Press
08/11/13 Oregon man files $5 million suit over wind farm noise The Oregonian
08/11/13 First Wind willing to trash Maine Lewiston Sun Journal
08/04/13 Inadequate transmission lines keeping some Maine wind power off the grid—Ratepayers will likely bear the cost of future upgrades to fix the problem, which could get worse. Kennebec Journal
08/02/13 Why U.S wind installations have slowed Industrial Wind Action Group
07/30/13 Photo Essay: Skeletons of Dead Windfarms Hawai'i Free Press
07/16/13 Wind Turbines: America’s Vast, Ugly Sculpture Garden The Heartland
06/19/13 American Lung Association’s Misguided Support for Wind Power MasterResource
06/17/13 The Rationale for Wind Power Won't Fly— Physical limitations will keep this energy source a niche provider of U.S. electricity needs. The Wall Street Journal
05/17/13 Company Shuts Down Wind Turbines Worldwide After SoCal Accident KCET News (CA)
05/09/13 LePage wants wind energy goals out of Maine law Bangor Daily News
04/25/13 Health, environmental groups to support Bowers Mountain project Bangor Daily News
04/24/13 Lobbyist for wind power apologizes to Vermont panel
04/23/13 $4-million turbine fire at Kibby Mountain puts wind energy under new scrutiny by state, opponents Fire Engineering News
04/22/13 DEP to hold public hearing in Lee on proposed Bowers Wind Project Bangor Daily News
04/19/13 Regulators, advocates, opponents of wind energy take sides after
fire destroys a $4-million turbine at Maine's largest wind farm
04/08/13 Overlapping wind energy initiatives spark claims of waste, as IRS increases tax credit Fox News
04/01/13 Wind-Power Subsidies? No Thanks. — I'm in the green-energy business.
If Washington sent a little less 'green' our way, it would be good for the industry.
Wall Street Journal
03/28/13 States Cooling to Renewable Energy Wall Street Journal
03/29/13 Proposed Bill to Allow People to Sue Over Wind Turbine Damages Wisconsin Ag Connection
03/29/13 Rural Mainers turn out in force to back bills that would change
wind energy law
Bangor Daily News
03/29/13 Wind-turbine foes dealt set-back in NH AP - Portland Press Herald
03/21/13 Maine DEP Concerned Over State Board's Overturning of Department
Wind Power Project Denial
Maine DEP Website
03/28/13 Grid Constraints Mean Less Power Output from Wind Projects Vermont Public Radio News
03/01/13 Rethinking Wind’s Impact on Emissions and Cycling Costs — report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory suggests that emissions-reducing benefits of wind may have been overstated POWER Magazine
02/27/13 Turbines 'tarnish property values' — Federal magistrate accepts that wind farms slash the value of surrounding properties The Australian
02/22/13 Landowners '£1 billion wind farm boom' The Telegraph (UK)
02/26/13 Cape Cod community considers taking down wind turbines after illness, noise FOX NEWS
02/21/13 Energy From Wind Turbines Actually Less Than Estimated? The EnergyCollective
02/20/13 First Wind eyes nearly 80 more possible turbine sites in Hancock County Lewiston Sun Journal
02/19/13 Wind Project Kills Eagle One Month After Startup KCET / LinkMedia
12/30/10 Meet your wind developers: UPC, First Wind, DeepWater Wind, Cape Wind Associates, LLC, EMI, IVPC Newsvine
01/28/13 Greenfellas: The Italian Mafia Muscles In On Green Energy Scam
02/19/13 SPECIAL REPORT: The cost of wind turbines in Maine WGME Channel 13
02/13/13 Superior court justice to decide Pisgah Mountain wind farm appeal Bangor Daily News
02/10/13 Groups lined up to intervene on Bowers Mountain proposal Bangor Daily News
02/08/13 SEC rules against Antrim wind farm Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
01/30/13 Wind turbines 'less efficient than claimed' The Telegraph (UK)
01/24/13 First Wind's Stetson I, Rollins, and Stetson II Projects are Bangor Hydro's 5th, 6th and 7th largest customers in 2012 Bangor Hydro FERC Filing
01/29/13 A Problem with Wind Power American Wind Energy Assoc.
01/29/13 Renewables Fail the Cost Test, Again Town Hall Finance
01/23/13 Kahuku Windfarm (First Wind) Loan Timed to Boost IPO, Avoid Jail Hawai'i Free Press
01/22/13 Big Wind Energy Subsidies: A Hurricane of Carnage, Cronyism and Corruption Green Corruption Blogspot
01/23/13 Sting operations reveal Mafia involvement in renewable energy The Washington Post
01/23/13 First Wind files for new 18-turbine wind farm (Bull Hill Phase Two) FenceViewer
01/13/13 The conversion of a pro-wind lawyer Stop These Things (Blog)
01/13/13 Wind farm company targets children to drum up support for more turbines The Telegraph
12/28/12 Let’s Be Gone With the Wind — Why subsidize an industry that kills millions of birds and has no environmental benefit? National Review
12/29/12 Wind turbines’ lifespan far shorter than believed, study suggests The Courier (UK)
12/26/12 Obama’s wind-production tax-credit swindle — Serves big business, hurts the environment The Washington Times
12/25/12 The Multiple Distortions of Wind Subsidies Wall Street Journal
12/21/12 Why It's The End Of The Line For Wind Power Forbes
12/21/12 Bowers Mountain anti-wind group preps for DEP hearing Bangor Daily News
12/20/12 DEP plans public hearing for Bowers Mountain wind proposal Bangor Daily News
12/20/12 End the Wind Production Tax Credit U.S. News & World Report
12/20/12 Blow off wind-production tax credit — Expensive source can’t compete The Washington Times
12/18/12 State buys easement on 21,000 acres in Washington County Bangor Daily News
12/18/12 Maine Acquires Major Conservation Easement on West Grand Lake in Washington County
12/18/12 Harvard Needs Remedial Energy Math —
Wind and solar power cannot possibly meet the world's growing need for more electricity
Wall Street Journal
12/12/12 End The Wind PTC And Business-Government Cronyism —
US wind power is an expensive, ecologically harmful scam
Eurasia Review
12/07/12 Big Wind: the most corrupt and corrupting industry in the world The Telegraph (UK)
12/07/12 Appraiser: Property values hurt by turbines —
Expert testifies before zoning panel on plan
Sauk Valley (IL) Telegraph
12/03/12 Deval-ued Wind Power — Green-energy delusions inflict a heavy cost on a Massachusetts town. The National Review
12/03/12 Deval Patrick & Paul Gaynor: Crony Capitalism At First Wind —
Taxpayer dollars gone with the wind
The Daily Bail
12/02/12 Energy study's author says paper's account was misleading —
No matter what fossil-fuel opponents claim, renewables will cost consumers more.
Maine Sunday Telegram
11/30/12 Wind debate enters new phase —
Developers and neighbors have vastly different takes on energy projects
Burlington (VT) Free Press
11/27/12 Backlash against Big Wind Continues — The Left and the mainstream media ignore a new lawsuit against a wind-energy plant. National Review
11/26/12 Wind farm developers using 'tricks' to make turbines look smaller The Telegraph (U.K.)
11/19/12 First Wind looking to expand in Hancock County Bangor Daily News
11/16/12 Getting past the hype behind wind energy The Hill's Congress Blog
11/14/12 Does alternative energy actually replace fossil fuel consumption? The Tucson Citizen
11/09/12 What the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) doesn't want you to know Institute for Energy Research
10/31/12 AEA Study: Removing Big Wind’s ‘Training Wheels’ American Energy Alliance
10/30/12 Ten years too late, it’s good riddance to wind farms —
O one of the most dangerous delusions of our age
Daily Mail (UK)
10/13/12 Danish Wind Turbine Company That Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Lays Off 800 Workers
(Note: Vestas turbines are planned for Bowers)
10/15/12 Cianbro and the French Connection
Oct 2012 SUBSIDIZING BIG WIND: The Real Costs to Taxpayers Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
10/06/12 Governor LePage's Weekly Radio Address Governor's Office
09/26/12 Taxpayers Shouldn't Subsidize Wind Energy They Don't Want, Don't Use US News & World Report
06/23/11 Renewable policies crushing New England's economy Industrial Wind Action
09/10/12 Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying Maine Senate Seat with Crony Energy Loans
08/13/12 First and Second Quarter Capacity Factors for Maine Wind Projects CTFWP
08/08/12 Guides, lodge owners honor LePage for stance against wind power The Maine Wire
08/07/12 Consultant's review of Sheffield wind project critical The Republic
08/06/12 Boston-based wind farm developer faces new challenge as it tries to solve mystery of Hawaii fire The Patriot Ledger (MA)
08/03/12 LePage: Wind power a ‘boutique energy source’ Bangor Daily News
06/23/12 First Wind chief executive says life without PTC is possible ReCharge
06/20/12 $9 Billion in ‘Stimulus’ for Solar, Wind Projects Made 910 Final Jobs — $9.8 Million Per Job CNSNews
05/14/12 Wind Energy: the wheels are coming off the gravy train Conservative Action Alerts
05/10/12 Vanishing Vacationland Bangor Daily News
04/29/12 Another challenge blowing in the wind Lewiston Sun Journal
04/19/12 LURC set to hand First Wind its first, biggest defeat Bangor Daily News
04/09/12 First Wind's request to pull Bowers application denied Mainebiz
04/07/12 LURC decision leaves First Wind facing first defeat in Maine Bangor Daily News
03/30/12 Meeting land-based wind goals not likely, say two state studies Maine Sun Journal
03/26/12 Let the wind-power tax credit expire Kansas City Star
03/22/12 Panel questions loan guarantee for wind project in which Angus King had stake Bangor Daily News
03/22/12 Angus King Wind Project Cited by Congressional Investigation The Maine Wire
03/13/12 The Great Green Energy Hoax CBS News
03/08/12 Senator Lamar Alexander on the Wind Energy ‘Scam’ The Foundry
03/07/12 Wind farms in Pacific Northwest paid to not produce Fox News
03/07/12 Republicans Blow With the Wind—Another industry wants to keep its taxpayer subsidies. The Wall Street Journal
03/03/12 The winds of change — The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them so long? The (UK) Spectator
03/03/12 Invisible Obstacles — Third US aircraft in fatal collisison with wind energy meteorological towers Aircraft Owners & Pilot Owners Association
03/01/12 Obama's Green Energy Failures Continue To Abound Investor's Business Daily
02/28/12 The Villians of Mountaintop Industrial Wind — The Mountain Slayers and Profiteers of Maine The Forest Ecology Network
02/26/12 Windfarms axed as UK loses its taste for turbines The (UK) Guardian
02/24/12 Cost of $10 Billion Stimulus Easier to Tally Than New Jobs Wall Street Journal
02/24/12 Merkel's Switch to Renewables — Rising Energy Prices Endanger German Industry Der Spiegel
02/22/12 Vermont leaders back away from renewable energy goals — Two key legislators say businesses are worried about higher costs and that the 2017 state goal is unreachable. Portland Press Herald (AP)
02/13/12 New Documentary Illustrates Global Backlash Against Big Wind Energy Tribune
02/17/12 Learning from Others' Mistakes: Europe's Experience with Renewable Mandates and Subsidies Armstrong Center for Energy and Environment
02/16/12 You Thought Solyndra Was Bad? There’s More On the Way Forbes
02/15/12 Federal funds flow to clean-energy firms with Obama administration ties The Washington Post
02/15/12 It's Time to End Big Wind's Big Loophole — Calls $27 billion wind subsidy “a waste of money that could be used for energy research or to reduce the debt” Office of Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
02/15/12 (Sen. Lamar) Alexander Opposes Production Tax Credit, Wind Industry Subsidy The Chattanoogan
02/15/12 PTC Extension For Wind Energy Not Included In Payroll Tax Bill North American Windpower
02/15/12 Technology, not Politics: Meet LePage’s Energy Team The Maine Wire
02/14/12 University of Maine Fails Data Test Citizens' Task Force on Wind Power
02/13/12 Why I Turned Against ‘Green’ Windpower MasterResource
02/13/12 Wind Power Panic: AWEA’s Last Stand (death spiral looms for taxpayer-dependent industry) MasterResource
02/13/12 In support of Gov. LePage's energy policies Village Soup
02/01/12 (Review of the documentary) Windfall
02/09/12 Donald Trump accuses Alex Salmond of 'destroying coastline' with wind plans BBC News
02/09/12 Big Wind's Inconvenient Truth CounterPunch
02/06/12 Solyndra of Maine: First Wind "Incipient Event of Default"? As Maine Goes
02/05/12 Tilting at windmills — A new documentary on turbines in upstate New York shows that wind farms are a lot of hot air New York Post



Maine Public Utilities Commission

02/04/12 Renewable Reality Check The Maine Wire
02/02/12 Wind-Power Firms on Edge Wall Street Journal
01/31/12 Green electricity finds few customers in Mass.—Wind farms bring higher NStar bills The Boston Globe
01/28/12 Cutting Wind Power Cuts CO2 Emissions Ideas for a Smarter Grid (Canada)
01/26/12 Algonquin bows out of deal to buy stake in First Wind Reuters
01/26/12 Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. Announces Withdrawal from Minority Interest Wind Investment CNW — Canada Newswire
01/26/12 Obama admin sweats legal response as turbines kill birds EE News Greenwire
01/22/12 Christopher O'Neil: The other side of the wind power story Lewiston Sun Journal
01/21/12 Energy proposal a 'job killer' Governor LePage's Weekly Radio Address
01/19/12 The Great Renewable Energy Scam: Is There A Change In The Wind? Forbes
01/20/12 Anti-wind group backs LePage in fight against renewable energy initiative Lewiston Sun Journal
01/20/12 PUC staff: No go for energy firms’ wind deal Lewiston Sun Journal
01/19/12 Truth behind clean energy referendum: it's about wind Kennebec
01/18/12 LePage challenges backers of Maine renewable energy initiative Bangor Daily News
01/16/12 Electricity Costs: The folly of wind power Civitas (UK)
01/14/12 New renewable mandate would drive up costs Bangor Daily News
01/12/12 Lincoln’s economy struggled in 2011, town leaders say Bangor Daily News
01/07/12 Lowering Energy Prices Creates a Path to Economic Growth and
More Jobs for Mainers
Governor LePage's Weekly Radio Address
01/07/12 LePage opposes renewable-energy initiative in Maine Portland Press Herald
01/06/12 A Look at Some of the Obstacles Facing Wind Energy in the U.S.
01/04/12 Renewable energy mandates — Nothing new. Nothing good. The Maine Wire
01/03/12 Peaks Island wind plan abandoned, Portland waterfront turbine not producing The Forecaster