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Facts & Quotations

PPDLW's Mission Statement: The Partnership for the Preservation of the Downeast Lakes Watershed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the long-term preservation of the Downeast Lakes Watershed through conservation, environmental action and opposition to inappropriate industrial or commercial development.

"As the search for quality places grows in importance, Maine possesses a globally known ‘brand’ built on the image of livable communities, stunning scenery, and great recreational opportunities."

— The Brookings Institution
Charting Maine’s Future, 2006

"Governor John Baldacci created the Maine Council on Quality of Place to guide and support a state quality of place investment strategy, and to coordinate investment strategies across state agencies and regional councils. Maine’s quality of place is our majestic mountains, unbroken forests, open fields, wild rivers, pristine lakes, widely-celebrated coast, picturesque downtowns, lively arts and culture, authentic historic buildings, and exceptional recreational opportunities. It is our principal advantage in today’s global economic competition. Quality of place will help us keep and attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs to fill Maine’s declining workforce population. "

Website of the Maine State Planning Office

"Drilling and blasting for these remote peaks requires equipment, material, and crew across valleys of industrial forests with steep terrain. Between weather and rugged terrain, it takes extraordinary efforts to achieve 5,000 cubic yards of rock blasted every day."

Maine Drilling & Blasting proudly declaring their role in the Kibby Mountain Project.

"It's remarkable how fast some people can change direction when they want to. For many months Gov. Baldacci and his posse have been telling us that wind turbines are harmless, beautiful and majestic structures. Angus King says we should stop calling the 420' tall steel structures 'industrial' and instead refer to the projects as 'wind farms' or even 'wind parks'. Some wind proponents go so far as to claim that the turbines will increase tourism and instill community pride.

Now, in 2010, offshore wind complexes are the solution du jour. The Governor and his posse are promoting the offshore solution by assuring citizens that they will be "out of sight". But wait a minute! Don't the citizens who live along the coast deserve the same kind of sculpture gardens the Governor is so generously providing the inland citizens of Maine? After all, you told us they are beautiful and majestic. Right?"

—Gary Campbell, PPDLW

"Looking at the ridge lines, you’re looking at the same thing Ethan Allen and those people looked at. We've worked hard to keep billboards off the side of the roads. You can’t put up a billboard but you can put up a 400-foot tower? It doesn’t make sense."

— Michael Klopchin
Select Board Chairman, Clarendon, VT

"For every renewable energy job that the State manages to finance... the U.S. should expect a loss of at least 2.2 jobs on average, or about 9 jobs lost for every 4 created."

— Study of the Effects on Employment of Public Aid to Renewable Energy Sources,
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

"Wind’s unpredictability means it truly has no generating capacity value, and its construction will not displace building any new coal or natural gas generating capacity. Grid reserve margins require wind-back up, and the inefficiency of quickly firing up a natural gas unit to meet erratic wind generation output means any emissions displacement is minimal. Wind is simply an additional capital cost which proves to be more than twice as expensive for the ratepayer."

— Tom Hewson
"Calculating Wind Power's Environmental Benefits"
Power Engineering, July 2009

"These aren’t like logging roads to get those blades in there. They’re greater than 40 feet in width, almost like a superhighway."

— Jim Michaels, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

"The team met the challenge by blasting through huge topographical features to create both the material needed and the grades required."

Maine Drilling & Blasting proudly declaring their role in the Mars Hill Project.